The Corporate Professional who became a Drama Teacher


Vikas Sharma, is a Delhi based Theatre Actor and Director & we at Theatre Kingdom caught up with him to know about his theatrical pursuits.Vikas has been doing theatre for over 13 years now.In this journey he has been a part of numerous English and Hindi plays both as an actor and director. He has directed artistes of all age groups,from kids to aged people. His art has been appreciated well and responded to with numerous laurels throughout this tenure. Vikas was born and brought up in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh,and his roots are from Hoshiarpur, Punjab.He went through the nice education system of the Hills, in school and college.An introvert & shy person by nature, a lot hasn't changed in this regard but yes he can now deal with different situations basis the need, as like 'Cometh the hour, cometh the man'.All in all things have been positive ever since. He started acting in School, in class eleven. It was a surprise for him when his hand went up in response to the question 'Who wants to perform in a play?' asked by one of the teachers in school when not many opted for the same. And here it began, a journey of a thousand miles. He did his first play and really liked it.It was different than the usual and now wanted to do it again and again. Then,he started meeting up with actors and acting groups outside school.This resulted in more performing and other management-backstage opportunities, which gave him more insight of the field.

Theatre hasn't been a real career goal but Vikas loves acting.Especially the idea generation part of the bigger whole.It gave him wings to fly into untravelled zones and areas of life.The creative element in the art tasted very exciting and satisfied his life's hunger to the fullest.It went on with college and his jobs in Shimla until he moved to Delhi for new career opportunities.Here again he worked with a few Multinational Corporations and along with that continued doing theatre.Within the organizations he stayed in touch with theatre through employee engagement,CSR and policy promotion programs for the HR. This gave him immense recognition in the organizational set up and he even started contributing in the L&D wing by conducting various trainings on processes and communication.Outside,he started working with different theatre groups in Delhi NCR.He explored more of the art after getting these opportunities. In 2015, Vikas thought of pursuing his career in acting and chucked his cushy corporate job with Amex. Impressed by his theatrical and communication skills, he was hired by Jaypee Public school, Noida as their drama teacher. From hereon his life changed as now his passion became his profession.He shares that working with kids is a big challenge but a beautiful thing in itself. You have to be on the toes every time. Yet,the engagement is full of learning. One has to be experimental and conventional at the same time. Acting,is a struggling stream and you will never know when destiny will strike gold. So, it is a great opportunity for actors,that schools have brought up this art as a part of their school activity forte realizing its potential and benefits for the students. But,yes it is a new thing and requires a lot of development. It is an art which can not be compared with the number of awards and trophies. Victory lies in the very experience of the performers as this can lift them up as individuals.

Vikas says, "it shouldn't be transaction but a process based approach.Teaching acting cannot be based around a normal employer-employee relationship as well.We artists work with our hearts.We need to be happy in order to create wonderful forms of life based on purity.There is nothing specific or defined in our fields like other subjects.Our work gives hope and ability to dream & create; to the students. We analyse things not just as they are, but also in terms of what they could be as well. We question all the systems and yet believe in them.We are scientists as we experiment, we are mathematicians as we calculate, we are language and emotion doctors, we are astronauts as we travel in spaces known and unknown, we are historians as we become history, we are travellers as we travel places and eras, and we are teachers, but before that, students. So, freedom must be the prime attribute of our work with an interference free environment, where we can create rainbows of gazillion colours.We have the powers to create worlds and that is a God like attribute." From a corporate professional to a drama teacher, Vikas is a source of inspiration to many who want to pursue a career in acting and theatre. While the journey in theatre is challenging and you may not achieve the desired success and fame but you can surely make a living as a theatre professional with numerous opportunities opening up,teaching being one.