Chaw Chaw Bath


You might have varied interests – dance, theatre, standup comedy. But you would have to go to different events to fulfill these various art needs. How much you would have wished to have all these under one stage and pay only one price for all these various art forms.

Well, your prayer is finally answered. A Bangalore-based theatre group named ‘Team a Productions’ has come up with an unique formula to satisfy the various taste buds of art lovers. And have fittingly named it 'Chaw Chaw Bath', a South Indian dish that is a mixture of various ingredients.

Akmal Basha, the event director of Chaw Chaw Bath and co-founder of Team a Productions, said he started working on the concept of bringing various artists under one stage after observing the segregation of various art works in Bengaluru leaving art lovers dissatisfied.

“If you want to watch plays, there are only events related to plays in Bengaluru. For a musical performance, you have to go somewhere else,” said Akmal. “We thought why not give the audience a taste of all genres under one common umbrella.”


However, Akmal said it was quite a challenge to get artists of different kinds together and make them perform as a one common unit.

He explained, “It was tough to bring artists of different skills and talent under one roof and have them perform at one stage. Bringing them under one roof meant to get them out of their comfort zone and perform in a new challenging environment. But knowing the artists, they love challenges to perform in tough situations. In the end, everything turned out well and Chaw Chaw Bath emerged a sumptuous affair for art lovers.”

The first edition of Chaw Chaw Bath was held in January this year and it was a roaring success with standup comedy, dance, song, plays and mime all planned and executed on a common platform. “Phew! That was one hell of a show,” said Akmal. “It was exhausting dealing with so many talented artists. But the success tasted sweeter after all the hard work we put in day in, day out,” he added with pride.


Team a Productions is gearing up for the second edition of Chaw Chaw Bath on April 17 at Rangasthala, MG Road. But this time, there are only four events – plays, monologue, storytelling and songs -- compared to five last time.

“We wanted to offer quality entertainment in few genres of arts, rather than making a khichdi of all art forms,” Akmal explained. “This time, every art form we are putting up is original. We want to offer originality to our show, rather than copying or taking inspiration from other works. This time, it’s a Chaw Chaw Bath with a difference.”