10 reasons to date a Theatre Artist


They feel everything more passionately

Theatre artists, whether they are on-stage or off-stage, have a tendency to experience emotions more deeply and passionately. Theatre artists are more in touch with their emotional sides than normal people so, you can be rest assured that they will make you feel loved like never before.

They give you the opportunity to get in touch with your emotions

While dating a Theatre artist, you are bound to experience feelings and emotions within you which you never knew existed. Being skilled performers, sharing their own feelings and bringing them out in you is something they are experienced in.

They are spontaneous in their decisions

Theatre artists are habituated to making quick decisions whenever they are on-stage. Their habit of improvisation reflects in their personal life off-stage as well. They will always keep the romance alive through their effortless spontaneity by surprising you at the most unexpected of times.

They can charm anyone with their flamboyant personas

Theatre artists have flamboyant and charming personas, and they have the capability to impress virtually anyone. They have a keen understanding of their audience and can mold themselves into any form of character depending on the situation. This is a true boon if you are thinking of taking one to visit your parents!

They look and clean up after themselves

Theatre artists are in the habit of traveling for their shows because of which they are also habituated to look and clean up after themselves. This habit also translates into their personal lives, and when living with a theatre artist, you will never find yourself cleaning after them.

They are great story-tellers

Theatre artists, be it script-writers or actors, are great at the art of story-telling. This attribute also translates into their private lives, and you will never find yourself bored when in their company. They have a way with their words and ideas and can paint the most vivid pictures for you.

They have the most creative ideas

The creativity which they display on-stage often also transpires into their everyday lives. So, whatever be the occasion, you can be rest assured that they will never cease to amaze you with their gifts.

You get to meet new people now and then

Theatre artists are constantly meeting and working with different people on different projects. If you are dating a theatre artist, then even you have the opportunity to meet new people and to the understand the industry from a deeper level.

You have an opportunity to travel with them

Theatre artists often have to perform in shows across the country or even the world. If you are dating a theatre artist, even you have an opportunity to satisfy your wanderlust and travel with them.

Relationship difficulties

You get invited to a lot of Theatre events

When you are dating a theatre artist, you are bound to get invited to a lot of theatre events, be it the staging of a play or an award ceremony. You have the opportunity to see all the brilliant, new plays that are being performed, while also understand the core intricacies of this wonderful art form.