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  • The trained dragons ,The Drama School's students

    The Drama School's students are performing a play based on Evgeny Shvart's storytellers

  • Drama collections of theatre personality Sitanath Lahkar launched by Nirupama Borgohain

    The plays deal with the problems of the society and transitions in history from 1949 to 2014.

  • Dream does the trick for this play ,Srivathsan Nadadhur

    Y Gee Mahendran’s ‘Soppana Vazhvil’ is a witty commentary on the unruly ways of society, writes Srivathsan Nadadhur.

  • Tracking the theatrewallahs,The Drama School, Mumbai

    The Drama School, Mumbai, located at Charni Road, practises ‘theatre seeking’, a concept akin to mentorship in the corporate world

  • Call of the stage ,A still from the play ‘Kimartham Draupathy’

    'Kimartham Draupathy', Aswathy Vijayan’s Sanskrit play, is about predicaments that women face even in the present day. The drama will be staged today

  • Off Broadway shows, reviews, tickets and listings

    Adventurous theatergoers looking for great plays and musicals can get details, reviews and tickets for Off Broadway shows in New York

  • Theatre and the Kafkaesque to come together in Salim Ghouse's latest

    According to him, the kind of alienation Kafka talks about in his work is an essential part of our contemporary reality.

  • Balwant Thakur appointed to National Advisory Committee

    The Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India has nominated Balwant Thakur as member of the National Empanelment Advisory Committee of Indian Council for Cultural Relations for a period of three years. This high powered committee is mandated to select and recommend the artists/groups for their performances world over. This National Empanelment Advisory Committee will be above the seven sub committees of experts viz Theatre and Puppetry Traditional & Contemporary), Carnatic Music (Vocal and Instrumental), Hindustani Music (Vocal and Instrumental), Dance I (Odissi, Manipuri, Sattriya, Kathak, Chhau), Dance II (Bhartanatyam, Mohiattam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali) Modren Experimental works of Dance and Music, including Light and Popular Music, and Folk and other Traditional forms of Dance and Music. Earlier on two occasions Balwant Thakur has served as an expert in sub committees of Theatre/puppetry and Folk/Traditional forms of Music/Dance/Drama but this is for the first time that a person from J&K has been elevated to such a higher position. The Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs, the major sponsor of the showcasing of India’s culture abroad sends over 150 groups to foreign countries and this high powered committee of which Balwant Thakur is a member will be responsible for the selection/recommendation of the artists/groups for their performances abroad.

  • SSN College presents the Theatre Conclave 2016-17

    AAINA-The street play society of Swami Shradhanand College (SSN) ,University of Delhi is organizing The Annual Theatre Conclave 2016-17


    19TH EDITION OF NATIONAL SCHOOL OF DRAMA FROM 1ST TO 21ST FEBRUARY, 2017. 19th Bharat Rang Mahotsav to focus on Entertainment, Education, Enrichment and Enlightenment aspects of Theatre

  • Theatre No. 59

    Theatre no.59 is the official theatre club of Madras Christian College (MCC). Theatre no.59 was pristinely commenced in 2010 by a few drama enthusiasts.

  • What is theatre artiste Chakresh Kumar upto?

    Chakresh Kumar who is a familiar name in the Chandigarh theatre circuit is upto something new.He is shifting to Tagore Theatre for the Bharat Muni Natya Mahotsav from 22 July to 27 July.

  • Dadiji Ka Thullu

    BASED ON A MARATHI PLAY- Shreemant Damodar Pant, Dadaji ka Thullu is a good old style family entertainer.It is a story of a family with a great lineage. But now, the glory days are a thing of the past

  • Bangalore is about to have ,Ek Mulaqat Manto Se

    Actor's Cult presents Ek Mulaqat Manto Se.The play reflects the life and times of the great story writer, Saadat Hasan Manto, who was deeply traumatised by the partition of the Indian sub-continent.

  • Krishna :The Lover & Warrior

    Krishna : The Lover & Warrior is the biography of Lord Krishna, which includes Kanha's childhood, Radha-Krishna love saga, Kans Vadh and the re-enactment from the epic saga of the 'Mahabharata".

  • ZINDAGI THEATRE :Making a Mark

    Zindagi theatre group is an initiative of Ambidextr films to promote theatre and help the artists to learn and earn through theatre.As an organisation it holds the core purpose Learn.Earn.Grow.


    This mask making workshop is a part of the Master Dope Series Workshop organised by Actor Factor Theatre Co.Its 4 day workshop starting on 28th June 2018 at the Actor Factor Studio at Ghitorni,Delhi.


    Summer Theatre Festival - Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts, is one of the most sought after 7 day theatre festival with wide range of plays, to enrich your experience .

  • Triple A conducts MIME Workshop in Katra

    The first ever 3 day Mime theatre workshop was organised by Triple "A" performing arts Reasi at Katra in Jammu.16 students from various schools and colleges participated in the workshop.

  • Daddy is coming to Delhi

    Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is a man of myriad experience and he's incorporated every one of them to tell some of his best stories. His critically-acclaimed 1989 film, Daddy is one such accomplishment.




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National School of Drama,India

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Theatre India

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Theatre House

Prithvi Theatre

 Amit Malhotra

2016-11-20 10:43:47

This theatre house is one of the best in the country...

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KHWAAB dum-b-dum


KHWAAB dum-b-dum

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Yale School of Drama

Theatre School

Yale School of Drama

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100 Great Plays for Women

Theatre Publication

100 Great Plays for Women

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 Premises Alliance Francaise

Theatre House

Premises Alliance Francaise

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Nothing Like Lear March

Vinay Pathak steals the show in Nothing Like Lear

If you want to go through a roller-coas...

Chaw Chaw Bath

You might have varied interests – dance, theatre, standup comedy. But you would have to go to dif...

Neeraj gears up for Short and Sweet Festival with his first original play

Game artist, poet and now a scriptwriter. Neeraj Pandey is looking forward to this phase of his c...

An Actor Prepares…for an Audition

We all know the nerves and excitement before an opening night, but well before an actor even gets...

The Corporate Professional who became a Drama Teacher

Vikas Sharma, is a Delhi based Theatre Actor and Director & we at Theatre Kingdom caught up with him to know about his theatrical pursuits.Vikas has been doing theatre for over 13 years now.In this journey he has been a part of numerous English and Hindi plays both as an actor and director. He has directed artistes of all age groups,from kids to aged people. His art has been appreciated well and responded to with numerous laurels throughout this tenure. Vikas was born and brought up in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh,and his roots are from Hoshiarpur, Punjab.He went through the nice education system of the Hills, in school and college.An introvert & shy person by nature, a lot hasn't changed in this regard but yes he can now deal with different situations basis the need, as like 'Cometh the hour, cometh the man'.All in all things have been positive ever since. He started acting in School, in class eleven. It was a surprise for him when his hand went up in response to the question 'Who wants to perform in a play?' asked by one of the teachers in school when not many opted for the same. And here it began, a journey of a thousand miles. He did his first play and really liked it.It was different than the usual and now wanted to do it again and again. Then,he started meeting up with actors and acting groups outside school.This resulted in more performing and other management-backstage opportunities, which gave him more insight of the field.

Theatre hasn't been a real career goal but Vikas loves acting.Especially the idea generation part of the bigger whole.It gave him wings to fly into untravelled zones and areas of life.The creative element in the art tasted very exciting and satisfied his life's hunger to the fullest.It went on with college and his jobs in Shimla until he moved to Delhi for new career opportunities.Here again he worked with a few Multinational Corporations and along with that continued doing theatre.Within the organizations he stayed in touch with theatre through employee engagement,CSR and policy promotion programs for the HR. This gave him immense recognition in the organizational set up and he even started contributing in the L&D wing by conducting various trainings on processes and communication.Outside,he started working with different theatre groups in Delhi NCR.He explored more of the art after getting these opportunities. In 2015, Vikas thought of pursuing his career in acting and chucked his cushy corporate job with Amex. Impressed by his theatrical and communication skills, he was hired by Jaypee Public school, Noida as their drama teacher. From hereon his life changed as now his passion became his profession.He shares that working with kids is a big challenge but a beautiful thing in itself. You have to be on the toes every time. Yet,the engagement is full of learning. One has to be experimental and conventional at the same time. Acting,is a struggling stream and you will never know when destiny will strike gold. So, it is a great opportunity for actors,that schools have brought up this art as a part of their school activity forte realizing its potential and benefits for the students. But,yes it is a new thing and requires a lot of development. It is an art which can not be compared with the number of awards and trophies. Victory lies in the very experience of the performers as this can lift them up as individuals.

Vikas says, "it shouldn't be transaction but a process based approach.Teaching acting cannot be based around a normal employer-employee relationship as well.We artists work with our hearts.We need to be happy in order to create wonderful forms of life based on purity.There is nothing specific or defined in our fields like other subjects.Our work gives hope and ability to dream & create; to the students. We analyse things not just as they are, but also in terms of what they could be as well. We question all the systems and yet believe in them.We are scientists as we experiment, we are mathematicians as we calculate, we are language and emotion doctors, we are astronauts as we travel in spaces known and unknown, we are historians as we become history, we are travellers as we travel places and eras, and we are teachers, but before that, students. So, freedom must be the prime attribute of our work with an interference free environment, where we can create rainbows of gazillion colours.We have the powers to create worlds and that is a God like attribute." From a corporate professional to a drama teacher, Vikas is a source of inspiration to many who want to pursue a career in acting and theatre. While the journey in theatre is challenging and you may not achieve the desired success and fame but you can surely make a living as a theatre professional with numerous opportunities opening up,teaching being one.

‘KRITI’ – The flagship event of Masquerades

MASQUERADES is the Dramatics Society of IIT (BHU) Varanasi which aims to captivate interest in theatre and its various aspects among young enthusiastic students of the college by bringing together people who are interested in the performing arts on a common platform. Covering every feature of human society ranging from humour to serious issues to social dramas, its motive is to create awareness about various social issues and entertain the audience at the same time through stage plays, street plays and various other art forms. We’ve grown not just into dramatics but also into filmmaking and productions. Following the same motive, a plethora of events are organized by the club every year to enrapture the audience into the ravishing art of theatre. The script writing, choreography, direction and outlooks for every theatre art including street play, stage play etc. are solely managed by the student body, who make backbreaking efforts to bring out these events. Also this year MASQUERADES was the INTER IIT Overall Dramatics champion among all the IIT's.

‘KRITI’ – The flagship event of Masquerades was also brought up along the same avenue as a deluge of street play performance, mural painting sessions and Kavi Sammelan organised at Assi Ghat. The status of girls in the Indian society has been greatly debated for many years. Girls are generally believed to be involved in the cooking and playing with dolls while boys to be involved in the education and other physical activities from the ancient time. Such old beliefs of men have simulated them for violence against women which resulted in the continuous decrease in the number of the girl child in the society. So in order to apprise the public audience about ‘GIRL CHILD SAFETY’, ‘Kriti’ was organized as an unexampled event of novelty to foster the efflorescence of girl child in the contemporary world. It was also an endeavour to revive the true spirit of Nukkad Natak, which prompted as a medium to educate the masses about issues which we are prejudiced or consider a taboo. Fostering the culture of the holy city of Varanasi, which has been a confluence of multifarious arts, cultures, and belief systems through the ages, the event drew exponents of all existing art forms to cater the wide audience with a lot of exemplary events. For this novel cause, Masquerades joined hands with Fine Arts Club, The Lit Club, The Photography Club, and Film and Media Council of IIT (BHU), Varanasi and also associated with Bank of India and Radio Mirchi to bring out the festivity in the best possible way. Keeping up the true spirit of creating awareness among the public, Masquerades paid gratitude to all the above associates for making such a fruitful collaboration and their concerted efforts, which served a lot to apprise the audience. Masquerades also heartily thanked for the enhancing support, that was bestowed by GURIA Foundation – a pioneering coordination, which aims to fight against human trafficking and forced prostitution especially among women and children. Lastly, Masquerades along with all the associates is highly thankful to Uttar Pradesh government for granting the permission to do the event and the protection they provided for the successful conclusion of the event.

You may reach out to Masquerades through the following links :



10 reasons to date a Theatre Artist

They feel everything more passionately

Theatre artists, whether they are on-stage or off-stage, have a tendency to experience emotions more deeply and passionately. Theatre artists are more in touch with their emotional sides than normal people so, you can be rest assured that they will make you feel loved like never before.

They give you the opportunity to get in touch with your emotions

While dating a Theatre artist, you are bound to experience feelings and emotions within you which you never knew existed. Being skilled performers, sharing their own feelings and bringing them out in you is something they are experienced in.

They are spontaneous in their decisions

Theatre artists are habituated to making quick decisions whenever they are on-stage. Their habit of improvisation reflects in their personal life off-stage as well. They will always keep the romance alive through their effortless spontaneity by surprising you at the most unexpected of times.

They can charm anyone with their flamboyant personas

Theatre artists have flamboyant and charming personas, and they have the capability to impress virtually anyone. They have a keen understanding of their audience and can mold themselves into any form of character depending on the situation. This is a true boon if you are thinking of taking one to visit your parents!

They look and clean up after themselves

Theatre artists are in the habit of traveling for their shows because of which they are also habituated to look and clean up after themselves. This habit also translates into their personal lives, and when living with a theatre artist, you will never find yourself cleaning after them.

They are great story-tellers

Theatre artists, be it script-writers or actors, are great at the art of story-telling. This attribute also translates into their private lives, and you will never find yourself bored when in their company. They have a way with their words and ideas and can paint the most vivid pictures for you.

They have the most creative ideas

The creativity which they display on-stage often also transpires into their everyday lives. So, whatever be the occasion, you can be rest assured that they will never cease to amaze you with their gifts.

You get to meet new people now and then

Theatre artists are constantly meeting and working with different people on different projects. If you are dating a theatre artist, then even you have the opportunity to meet new people and to the understand the industry from a deeper level.

You have an opportunity to travel with them

Theatre artists often have to perform in shows across the country or even the world. If you are dating a theatre artist, even you have an opportunity to satisfy your wanderlust and travel with them.

You get invited to a lot of Theatre events

When you are dating a theatre artist, you are bound to get invited to a lot of theatre events, be it the staging of a play or an award ceremony. You have the opportunity to see all the brilliant, new plays that are being performed, while also understand the core intricacies of this wonderful art form.

International Theatre Festival of Kerala 20-28 February Thrissur, Kerala


With a focus on street performance, this year’s festival stretches the stage beyond the proscenium. Multiple venues spring up in unlikely places, ranging from town hall to swimming pool, to host spectacles from around the world.


Audiences can choose from shows by 16 international theatre companies and 8 Indian ones besides 7 in Malayalam.


The curators of this year’s edition have chosen works that expand the reach of the performances as well as reimagine public spaces, stimulating a reassessment of our quotidian perception of city and society.

They will inspire you, as curator Anuradha Kapoor says, to “reimagine the street; cars, buses squares, crossroads ... all thrown up in the air and recombined as theatre objects, scenery, reality...” inviting you to “plunge into the real word as it enters fiction, or as fiction enters the real world”

By bringing performance out into the open, the artist initiates a dialogue that is more direct, less cocooned and situated in relatable, everyday surroundings.

Auxiliary events

Three day Theatre Colloquium with panels on:

Street Theatre and Performance

Art making in times of extreme cultural and economic nationalism

Digital interfaces in today’s theater

Speakers include Aubrey Mellor, Anuradha kapur, TT Sreekumar, Erin Mee, Dr CS Venkiteswaran

Dramaturgy and Writing Conclave

Acclaimed writers and researchers come together at the Sahiyta Akademi to debate and discuss the nature and role of the dramaturgical process today


Session on Writing about the Arts

Practising art journalists get together to present their thoughts and confront the challenges facing art writing.

Talks at School of Drama

On 4 consecutive days renowned theatre makers will give talks to audiences at the School of Drama on subjects such as Scenography and Theatre Pedagogy.

Collaborative Projects

The Strings Theatre Company

is an artists’ collective from Germany, Finland and France that is famous for their onsite creation of performance in residency. Collaborating with three Indian artists – actor, singer and acrobat – for ten days, they will present a non verbal outdoor piece during the festival.

Art Junction Poland and Theatreconnekt Thrissur

come together to create ‘Not our Business’, an intercultural street theatre project commissioned and coproduced by the International Theatre Festival of Kerala. Drawing from the writings of social scientists, agro-ecologists and investigative journalists such as Martin Caparros , Andrew Mwenda , Amartya Sen, Palagummi Sainath and Yogendra Yadav, a small group of actors and activists is making their own physical and cognitive explorations into questions of social and human conditions.


They will apply the improvisational and devising skills employed during their residency, journeying from idea to discussion, improvisation to narrative and then to performance.


a cutting edge outdoor theatre company from Spain, walks into a street with their suitcases and encounters it and the world it is in. Their performances are those of rediscovery – of a street, a city, a country. This time, they will train 30 Indian workshop participants to join them in their workshop process of devising and then to perform the resulting work on the streets of Thrissur town.

La Patriotrioco from Chile will be in Thrissur to create work that is part spectacle, part political statement and reflects the nature of the politically charged environs in which we live. They too will be recruiting from among applicants from the general public to spend time with in a workshop process which will lead to the creation of the final performance piece in the style of flamboyant spectacle.


Some of the Venues

The Regional Theatre, KSNA

Bharat Murali Theatre, KSNA

Black box, KSNA

KSNA courtyard

Ramanilayam Campus

Palace Grounds

Swimming Pool

Thekkinkadu – the Round

Town Hall

Kerala Sahitya Akademi

Nehru Children’s Park

North Bus stand Road

Some of the Theatre Companies










Teatro Dei Venti

This is not a Theatre Company

Les Antliaclastes

Merlin Puppet Theatre


Bitef Theatre

Asakta Kalamanch, Pune

Performance Studies Collective

Ambedkar Univ. Delhi

Ebong Amra, Burdwan

School of Drama, Thrissur

Lokadharmi, Cochin



Pool Play

Acting Bug

Clown House



Mein huun Yusuf aur ye hai mera bhai

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

Andha Yug

Misty Mountains of Mahabharata

Kali Nadakam


Required: Theatre Teacher

Location: Delhi By: Theatre

Posted Date: 13-JUl-2018Contact No: 8492911156

Email Id:

Required: Theatre Workshop

Location: By: Theatre

Posted Date: 02-MAR-2018Contact No: 971807774728

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Required: Gil Alon Workshop

Location: Tamil Nadu By: Theatre

Posted Date: 08-MAY-2017Contact No: 9884070000

Email Id:

Required: 1100 sft Prime Space Available in Marathalli Bangalore

Location: Karnataka By: Priti

Posted Date: 24-JAN-2017Contact No: 9845063885

Email Id:

Required: Opportunity to join Improv theatre group

Location: Haryana By: Deepak

Posted Date: 05-DEC-2016Contact No: 8826160696

Email Id:

Required: Purvabhyas

Location: Delhi By: Theatre

Posted Date: 28-NOV-2016Contact No:

Email Id:


Location: By: Anugat

Posted Date: 27-NOV-2016Contact No: +919910836684

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Required: Acting Workshop

Location: Maharashtra By: Theatre

Posted Date: 18-NOV-2016Contact No: 9819997761

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Required: Meri Beti Mera Samman (Ongoing Serial)

Location: By: Theatre

Posted Date: 09-NOV-2016Contact No:

Email Id:

Required: Looking for a young confident male actor

Location: By: Theatre

Posted Date: 23-NOV-2016Contact No: 9718844087

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Required: Theatre faculty in Hansraj College, Delhi University

Location: By: Theatre

Posted Date: 23-NOV-2016Contact No: 9312237583

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Required: Street Play

Location: Any By: Theatre

Posted Date: 09-NOV-2016Contact No:

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Location: Andhra Pradesh By: Theatre

Posted Date: 23-NOV-2016Contact No:

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Required: Street Play

Location: By: Theatre

Posted Date: 23-NOV-2016Contact No:

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Required: Content Writer

Location: By: Theatre

Posted Date: 23-NOV-2016Contact No:

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Required: Theatre Group In Noida

Location: Uttar Pradesh By: Theatre

Posted Date: 23-NOV-2016Contact No:

Email Id:

Required: Audition Call for a Romantic Comedy in English

Location: Haryana By: Theatre

Posted Date: 23-NOV-2016Contact No: 9810174282

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Required: Actor Unveiled

Location: Uttar Pradesh By: Theatre

Posted Date: 23-NOV-2016Contact No:

Email Id:

Required: Training Workshop/Camp

Location: Himachal Pradesh 171103 By: Theatre

Posted Date: 23-NOV-2016Contact No:

Email Id:

Required: Method Acting Workshop

Location: Maharashtra By: Theatre

Posted Date: 23-NOV-2016Contact No:

Email Id:

Required: Space available for Theatre and Street Plays Practice

Location: By: Theatre

Posted Date: 23-NOV-2016Contact No:

Email Id:


Institute Name: National Mime Institute

Course Name: Post Graduation Diploma In Mukavinaya(Mime) Contact No: 9433327657

Course Duration: 1 year

Course Fee: Not mention

Institute Name: Ensemble Kashmir Theatre Akademi - EKTA

Course Name: Theatre-Arts Contact No: 9419042363/9419584875

Course Duration: 1 year

Course Fee: Rs. 2500 per month

Institute Name: Samahaara

Course Name: Samahaara Children’s Theatre Workshop (Weekend) Contact No: 8341120303

Course Duration: 8 Weekends

Course Fee:

Institute Name: EnAct Theatre Group

Course Name: Weekend Theatre Classes Contact No: 9810174282

Course Duration: 3 Months

Course Fee: Rs. 15,000

Institute Name: Actor Factor Studio

Course Name: ‘Theatre Induction Program’ (TIP) Contact No:

Course Duration: 3 Months

Course Fee:

Institute Name: JNU School of Art and Aesthetics

Course Name: Admission for MA Programme Contact No: +91-11-26704177

Course Duration:

Course Fee:

Institute Name: Actor Studio

Course Name: Actor Studio Contact No: 9811500715

Course Duration:

Course Fee:

Institute Name: Theatre Arts Programme

Course Name: Theatre Arts Programme Contact No: 8041242879

Course Duration:

Course Fee:

Institute Name: Samahaara

Course Name: Samahaara Children's Theatre Workshop Contact No:

Course Duration: 50 Days

Course Fee: Rs. 5,500

Institute Name: Lakshyaa Theatre & Creative Arts

Course Name: Theatre & Acting Workshop (Pune) Contact No:

Course Duration: 5 Months

Course Fee: Rs. 18,000

Institute Name: The Crafters

Course Name: production oriented camera acting course Contact No:

Course Duration: 6 Months

Course Fee: Rs. 30,000

Institute Name: The Crafters

Course Name: week-end camera acting class by nsd alumini Contact No:

Course Duration: 6 Months

Course Fee: Rs. 30,000

Institute Name: T-Series Stage Works

Course Name: Basics of Acting Contact No: 9599008535

Course Duration: 3 Months

Course Fee: Rs. 50,000

Institute Name: Barry John Acting Studio, Delhi

Course Name: Acting Workshop for Kids Contact No: 9716114466

Course Duration: 10 Weeks

Course Fee: Rs 8,000

Institute Name: Barry John Acting Studio, Delhi

Course Name: CHILDREN'S ACTING WORKSHOP Contact No: 8800649019

Course Duration: 25 days

Course Fee:

Institute Name: Galaxy Theatre & Acting Academy

Course Name: 2 Month Regular Acting Workshop Contact No:

Course Duration: 2 months

Course Fee: Rs. 14,500


Course Name: Weekend Acting Workshop Contact No: 9999918988

Course Duration: 6 Weeks

Course Fee: Rs 7500

Institute Name: Actor Prepares

Course Name: Story writting Contact No: 18002091231

Course Duration: 1 month

Course Fee: 0

Institute Name: Actor Prepares

Course Name: Diploma Contact No: 18002091231

Course Duration: 3 month

Course Fee: 0

Institute Name: Actor Prepares

Course Name: Part Time Course Contact No: 18002091231

Course Duration: 1 month

Course Fee: 20

Institute Name: NSD

Course Name: Diploma Contact No: 1123389402

Course Duration: 3 Year

Course Fee: 0



YOU-WAAH - The Annual Street Production of PGDAV COLLEGE (EVENING)


Chidiya Ki Kahani


Hindi Play Bhookhkhad by Toli Theatre Group


Hazaaron Khwahishen aisi